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Meet Our Upper School Team

Rabbi Dov Huff
Judaic Studies Principal, Middle & Upper School
"I discovered from my earliest teaching that to successfully encourage student growth, one must create a culture of learning within the classroom. There must be an ongoing classroom dialogue in which the skills and concepts we teach become an intrinsic part of each student's daily language and experience. Every subject has a specific skill set that needs to be sharpened and reinforced throughout the year. When teaching is done well, students emerge from the learning environment with the motivation and skills to be successful, independent learners."

An alumnus of the class of 2000, Rabbi Dov Huff returned to Maimonides in 2008 as a Middle School Judaic Studies teacher and 8th grade dean. In 2010, he joined the administrative staff in his current position.

Rabbi Huff holds a bachelor of arts degree in mathematics from Yeshiva University and a master of arts in teaching from American Jewish University in Los Angeles. He received Smicha in Israel from Rav Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg, and taught at Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy in Beverly Hills. Rabbi Huff and his wife Elisha reside in Sharon with their four children.

Scott Mattoon
Associate Head of School for General Studies
"As educators, we succeed when we inspire students to surpass their own expectations and become agents of their own success. When we aim high -- realistically and authentically -- students will as well, even when it is higher than they think they can go. Leading and empowering young people through these magical moments is a sublime joy."

Scott Mattoon previously served as Upper School Co-Head of the Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad, California. Early in his career, Mr. Mattoon was the language department chair and co-chair of the English writing curriculum committee at the Webb Schools in Claremont, CA and an English and French teacher and chair of the Chinese program committee at the Collegiate School in New York. He served for ten years on the faculty at Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, CT, first as an English and French teacher, then as head of the French division, and finally as chairman of the language department, supervising 30 faculty members in 10 language offerings.
Mr. Mattoon received his undergraduate degree in modern language and literature from Trinity College in Hartford and holds a master's in French literature from UCLA. He resides in Lexington with his wife Dawn and their two children.

Administrative Staff

Ellen Pulda
Middle/Upper School Executive Assistant

Deborah Rothman

Grade Deans

Rabbi Eliezer Bercuson
9th Grade Dean

Rabbi David Ehrenkranz
10th Grade Dean

Rabbi Avinoam Durani
11th Grade Dean

Refael Fadlon
12th Grade Co-Dean

Dr. Yael Jaffe
12th Grade Co-Dean


Sarah Plymate
Middle/Upper School Art Teacher

Computer Programming and Design

Lev Novikov
Middle/Upper School Computer Programming Teacher


Lora Gibbens
English Department Chair

Kevin Brown
Middle/Upper School English Teacher

Dr. Megan Hamilton
Middle/Upper School English Teacher

Sharon Pywell
Upper School English Teacher


Refael Fadlon
Hebrew Department Chair

Dana Bar-Or
Middle/Upper School Hebrew Teacher

Barak Cerf
Middle/Upper School Hebrew Teacher

Chaya Durani
Upper School Hebrew Teacher

Oranit Saadia
Middle/Upper School Hebrew Teacher

History/Social Studies

Christopher Dore
History / Social Studies Department Chair

Benji Hain
Upper School Jewish History Teacher

Gina Sauceda
Upper School History/Social Studies Teacher

Israel Advocacy

Refael Fadlon
Israel Advocacy Teacher

Judaic Studies

Rabbi Dov Huff
Talmud Department Chair

Rabbi Dr. Yaakov Jaffe
Tanach Director

Rabbi Avinoam Durani
Upper School Judaic Studies Teacher

Rabbi David Ehrenkranz
Upper School Judaic Studies Teacher

Rabbi Baruch Goldman
Middle/Upper School Judaic Studies Teacher

Dr. Yael Jaffe
Upper School Judaic Studies Teacher

Rabbi Dror Saadia
Middle/Upper School Judaic Studies Teacher

Karyn Spero
Upper School Judaic Studies Teacher

Rabbi Simon Taylor
Upper School Jewish Thought Teacher


Phil Robson
Math Department Chair

Michael Schockett
Middle/Upper School Math Teacher

Dr. Steven Steinsaltz
Upper School Math Teacher

Christian Yunis
Middle/Upper School Math Teacher

Physical Education

Hal Borkow
Director of Athletics

Deborah Caban
Physical Education Teacher

Ernest D'Agnelli
Physical Education Teacher


Christopher Williams
Science Department Chair

Dr. David Fischer
Upper School Science Teacher

Dr. Jennifer Gordon
Upper School Science Teacher

Joshua Keith
Middle/Upper School Science Teacher

Shalev NessAiver
Computational Physics Teacher

Frank Washburn
Computational Physics Teacher

World Languages

Estefania Torres
World Languages Department Coordinator

Rahel Nessim
Middle/Upper School Spanish Teacher

Fawzi Nicolas
Upper School Arabic Teacher

Academic Support

Brenda Hefter
Director of Middle/Upper School Support Services

Rachel Dayanim
Learning Center Specialist

Shmuel Silberman
Learning Center Specialist

Dr. Shawn Smith
Learning Center Specialist

College Counseling

Tamar Gelb
Director of College Counseling

Student Life

Benji Hain
Director of Student Life

Amy Rosen
Director of Student Development

Karyn Spero
Student Life Team

Leanne Taylor
Student Life Team

Student Health

Betty Gladstein

Alex Ross
Upper School Social Worker


Elizabeth Zygadlo
Middle/Upper School Library Media Specialist


Clinton Ray
Maintenance Supervisor

Benjamin Alvarado
Facilities Staff

Francois Maxime
Facilities Staff

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