Shomer Shabbos Boy Scouting הצופים

Where can we find an extracurricular activity for our sons (age 11–17) in the Boston area which:

  • Supplements and complements the perspective and goals of the home, the school, and the shul?
  • Is fun and educational (with 'experiential learning'), yet is not too taxing on a busy schedule?
  • Helps our boys develop self-confidence, self-discipline, self-reliance, and the ability to work in a group?
  • Is led by appropriate adult role models, to help our boys:
    • build superb middos and character,
    • design and implement chesed projects,
    • develop physical fitness
    • explore vocational interests (career paths)?
  • Develops leadership skills, and the ability to respond to emergencies with skills in First Aid and Lifesaving? (Pikuach nefesh in action!)
  • Offers the opportunity, and skills, to experience physically challenging, yet safe, high-adventure camping treks—canoeing, hiking, cycling, and on horseback—with Kashrus, Shabbos, Tefila, and Limudei Kodesh?
  • Allows an opportunity for our boys to earn a coveted award, highly regarded by universities, business leaders, and the military (in the U.S. and Israel)?

Shomer Shabbos Boy Scouting is the answer! Maimonides School's Troop 54 holds an annual 'Open House' each fall, featuring a model campsite, and Scouts demonstrating skills such as First Aid, knife and ax, and firebuilding.

Cub Scout Pack 54 for boys in grades 1-5 is also chartered to Maimonides School.

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