Tuition Policies

Income from tuition is the primary source of funding for all operations at Maimonides, and timely fulfillment of tuition obligations is critical to our ability to provide the proper educational environment for our students. Please note that all changes to the tuition policies are made with the approval of the Tuition Committee.

We do understand that exceptional circumstances can occur for families, and we work hard to be flexible in such situations. For more information about tuition or financial questions in general, please contact Arline Tannenbaum, Operations Administrator, at 617-232-4452 x425 or

Tuition Payment
All tuition and fee payments are made through Smart Tuition, an outside company that affords parents a variety of payment options: auto debits from a designated account, payment online, payment over the telephone, or by mail.

New families will be asked to enroll in Smart Tuition when they receive their tuition contracts.  Returning families will be re-enrolled in Smart Tuition upon receipt of their signed tuition contracts for the upcoming school year.

Tuition payments for new students registering after the first day of school may be prorated by the number of months they will be in attendance, at the discretion of the Tuition Committee.

Financial Aid
Tuition assistance is available through the school’s Tuition Committee and requests for financial aid must be made on an annual basis.  For complete information about the financial aid process and timelines, please see our Financial Aid Page.