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One of Naty's primary goals at Maimonides has been to increase engagement and learning in our classrooms, while enriching the overall student experience. 
To thank Naty and to recognize the advances in our school during his tenure, please consider making a generous annual gift this year and including a personal message to Naty.
If you have already given to our annual campaign, thank you!  Be sure to add your message below, and you are welcome to consider increasing your gift in appreciation.  All messages will be compiled in a Tribute Book and presented to Naty. 
With your help, we can provide the resources to ensure that our students continue to experience the vibrancy and excitement of our dual curriculum Modern Orthodox education, both spiritually and academically. 
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RSVP for June 11th Celebration and Tribute to Nathan Katz
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Gevurah* - $10,000
Rambam* - $5,000
Torah u'Maddah - - $3,600
Chai* - $1,800
Atid* - $1,000
Hiddur - $500
Brachah - $250
Hakarat Hatov- $118
Greetings - $54
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