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Kol Yom Chesed 2018-19

December 9, 2018
We're spreading the chesed throughout the year.  Instead of just one Yom Chesed date, this year we have three!  Please register below to join us for our first Kol Yom Chesed event on December 9.
Family Table
Description:  JF&CS Family Table is the largest kosher food pantry in New England, providing healthy food to individuals and families in need on a monthly and emergency basis. Family Table relies on the efforts of dedicated volunteers who come together to collect, sort, pack and deliver groceries for recipients. Each household receives a complete set of groceries including holiday items, such as challah and grape juice.
Project: Each family will pack groceries and deliver the packages to families in need.
Additional information: Adult volunteers will need to fill out a CORI form by November 14. Each car should allow room for 10-15 bags. 

Description: Greater Boston Yachad is the local chapter of Yachad/National Jewish Council for Disabilities, dedicated to enhancing the life opportunities of individuals with disabilities, ensuring their participation in the full spectrum of Jewish life.
Project: Work on a special project together with Yachad members.

Description: ROFEH International ensures that patients’ and family members’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met with loving kindness, warmth and dignity by providing a support system that includes medical referrals, food, housing and social services, all at no charge to those stressed with illness and financial pressures who feel vulnerable, having left the familiarity of their homes to come to Boston’s prestigious medical centers from around the world, and throughout the United States, for life-saving medical treatment.
Project: Make gift bags and fleece blankets for families staying in the ROFEH apartments while their relatives are undergoing medical treatment.
Kol Yom Chesed is dedicated to the memories of Abraham and Sylvia Wintman, z"l, by Kenny Wintman '74 

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