Maimonides School

ECC 3 Year Old Gallery 10.18.18

Sophia, Ashira, and Roei sorting people and animals in the teiva.

Shoshana and Yair painting rainbows with watercolors.

Rainbow in a jar experiment – Yael starting the rainbow by pouring honey as the first layer.

Jake adding the last layer of the rainbow

Sophia and Avishai mixing colors using liquid watercolors on coffee filters.

Nadav and Yair tracing a rectangle with colored stones together.

Ashira, Roei, Yair, Amiel, and Shoshana making tracks of animal and people.

Azariah making tracks with an airplane.

Shoshana and Yair making their own tracks after they dipped their feet in paint.

Ashira and Nadav walking together, like Avraham and Sara.

Walking in the “desert” maze

Azariah and Roei finding a different way in the maze.

The students love to read together after snack or lunch time.

ECC 3 Year Old Gallery 10.11.18

Yael and Roei sorting pasta by color.


Jake, Sophia and Avishai stamping fruits and vegetables in Art class


Ashira and Yair listening to a book in Spanish.


Shoshana, Avishai, Amiel, and Roei exploring floating and sinking.


Sitting on the teiva with animals in Music class.


Learning about Parashat Noach


Shoshana and Sophia adding animals to the second floor of the teiva


Adding people to the third floor of the teiva


Azariah and Avishai sitting on top of the teiva

ECC 3 Year Old Gallery 10.4.18

A delicious meal in the sukkah – soup, cakes, and much more.


Making pictures of the Arba (4) HaMinim.


Azariah shaking the lulav in music class.


Listening to the story “Tamar’s Sukkah.”

Making flags for Simchat Torah. Designing and decorating the flags.


Attaching a stick to the flag from popsicle sticks, paper rolls, color mixers, or branches.   


Jake is proudly waving the flag he made.


We opened the Sefer Torah and all the students helped to hold it.


Amiel exploring the Torah with a magnifying glass.


Dancing in honor of Simchat Torah.


Yair enjoyed painting with a non-kosher lulav and different branches.


Bereshit Day 1: Creating light on the black paper.


Day 2: An experiment to emphasize the separation of the waters above and below.


And adding shaving cream on top as clouds.


Adding the sky and ocean with different blue materials to the black cardboard.

ECC 3 Year Old Gallery 9.20.18

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