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ECC 2 Photo Gallery 4.11.19

Building pyramids out of blocks was hard work, but not as hard as it was for Bnei Yisrael in Mitzrayim Egypt!

Paroh (Pharaoh) said “Work hard!” to Bnei Yisrael.

Meeting Slurpee the lizard was so cool!

There are always interesting things to see on our neighborhood walks, even if it’s just to the Saval building.

After stomping on grapes with our feet, we got to squeeze them with our hands.

Making matzah is so quick! It was so silly poking holes in the dough with forks.

Our hands were covered in flour so the dough wouldn’t stick to the table.

Each piece of matzah has a different bumpy texture.

We etched using different materials to show how each can have a different pattern. The papers really looked like matzah when we were done!

Learning about how flour comes from wheat is so interesting

We examined the wheat berries before grinding them into flour using our handmill

Chopping apples for charoset was a fun and tasty activity!

Wow! A brick matzah oven! We really enjoyed making our oven and then pretending to make matzah.

ECC 2 Photo Gallery 4.4.19

We love to see signs of spring!


We did a spring project using flowers and sticks from outside. This was the before photo!

And here is the after!

We enjoyed doing a big car puzzle together!

We decorated fish with fins and scales after learning what makes them kosher

We davened for Shabbat party

We learned about how to make matzah

We got ready for Pesach by cleaning the classroom

We drank grape juice just like at the Pesach Seder

We colored in a pyramid that was projected on the wall!

We used real plants and flowers to make our art.

Our spring projects looked amazing!

On Friday we enjoyed Shabbat party.

We sang Shabbat songs, ate challah, and made kiddush together.

Each day, we are getting ready for Pesach.

We washed our toys and furniture with soap and sponges

We learned about how the Jewish people worked hard to build the pyramids

We played in the sand and built pyramids from blocks

Each day, we act out and play about the history of B’nei Yisrael leaving Egypt step by step. For example, one day we talked about building pyramids.

The kids enjoyed building pyramids from cardboard

Another day, we discussed baby Moshe’s mommy putting him in the basket in the river

Here we have Pharaoh and B’nei Yisrael, with Yocheved, baby Moshe’s mother.

Pharaoh and Yocheved.

And after that, we learned about B’nei Yisrael leaving Egypt. We took off our shoes and socks and made footprints using black paint

We had so much fun splattering paint on the wall to represent the walls of water in the splitting of the Yam Suf.

This is the mural we made on the wall of our classroom! We have added these parts of the  Pesach story we have so far learned about.

ECC 2 Photo Gallery 3.28.19

We loved exploring the different games at the Purim carnival.

The 5th graders taught us how to do the carnival games.

The games were so much fun!

We made our own hamantaschen to put in our mishloach manot  bags.

Packing up mishloach manot for our families

We surprised Morah Robin with a delivery of mishloach manot!

Morah Tzipi’s son David came to be with us on Monday.

He read us a really entertaining story!

Playing in the birdseed felt so good on our fingers!

Birds, nests, and birdseed!

Fly away, birdies!

We loved having reading buddies with the 5th graders. It was extra special because we were joined by Zachy’s brother Tuvi!

We all got to hear some really cool stories!

Digging in potting soil in the spirit of springtime!

We even had mini shovels to use.

We finished our week with so much fun. On Friday, we start our morning with bringing mishloah manot to Morah Robin.

We sang “Happy Birthday” to our Bayla and ate delicious cupcakes!

We had so much fun joining the Purim carnival!

We did face painting!

Yakira decided to make smiley faces on her hands.

Amalia thought the smiley faces would look good on her cheeks.

On Monday, we started our morning with painting the ABCs using different materials, like rocks, sponges, sticks, and more

Spring is here and we have started to decorate our class

Green is the perfect color for spring.

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 3.14.19

We traced our bodies in silly poses for Purim!


We made a palace for King Achashverosh using different cardboard boxes.

The students enjoyed decorating our class for Purim. We painted big boxes and built another palace from them, which we put on our wall.

We introduced the Purim story. The students have been having a good time listening to the story of Queen Esther!

On Thursday, we had a fun time in Science class with Morah Mimi.

During our walk, we had a great time walking in the snow and finding icicles!

Seeing everything covered in snow was a great experience!

It was cold, but we were very happy and warm because we had all of our nice winter clothes on.

We made and decorated big puppets from the Purim story using our own photos. The students were very invested in acting out the story using these puppets!

On Monday, for Rosh Chodesh Adar Sheini, we had silly hat day. We went around the school singing Purim songs and dancing.

The students made and decorated paper hats, and then had to figure out which shape goes with which character.

We also made the groggers using different empty bottles, and we can’t wait to use these groggers when we read Megillat Esther.

We brought snow into the classroom!!

We colored it, scooped it, and built with it!

Everyone wanted to get their hands on it!

We acted out the Purim story, and it was amazing to see how well the students know the story.

This week we really understood the meaning of the words “Mishenichnas Adar, Marbim b’Simcha!” (“Adar is coming, we should be happy!”)

We made clown masks for Purim, too!

Even our baby dolls got to be traced!

We then painted the body shapes in.

We covered our ארמון armon (palace) with tissue paper.

We also painted another part of our palace using all different colors.

We all helped to carry our bucket to collect snow!

We watched through the window as Morah Tzipi collected some snow.

Wow! Snow in the classroom!

We added liquid watercolors to the snow and watched it change colors.

We celebrated Shabbat party with Yonatan and his family.

We decorated plastic bottles to be used as groggers.

We learned about the Purim story with Morah Tzipi dressed as King Achashverosh

Morah Elana taught us about Haman.

“Haman” gave “Mordechai” a ride on a horse!

We have been reading the books Mitzvah Hands and Mitzvah Mouth, and discussing how we always need to use gentle hands. We created this sign to keep as a reminder.

We filled our groggers with buttons, bells, and googly eyes!

ECC 2 Photo Gallery 3.7.19

We tasted a lemon at our yellow party!

We enjoyed so many delicious yellow treats!

We learned about the parsha in Drama with Morah Marion.

We had so much fun outside in the snow!

Shabbat party was so special with Zecharia’s Ima and sister Temima!

We played with tzahov (yellow) play-dough.

We learned about crocheting, with yarok (green) yarn, of course!

We made beautiful green projects with all different types of green materials!

2 Year Old Gallery for 2.14.19

We looked at a globe and learned about how blue represents the water!

We listened to the ocean through seashells!

We went fishing with magnetic fishing rods and fish!

We made colorful dough out of water, baking soda, and fruity pebbles in Science with Morah Mimi!

We celebrated Shabbat party with Libi’s Ima!

We baked delicious blueberry muffins in honor of our learning about the color blue!

We painted a beautiful sign for Wacky Wednesday!

We did a cool art project with Ms. K!

We prepared for Wacky Wednesday by giving each other check ups!

We dressed up as doctors for Wacky Wednesday!

We cared for our patients in our hospital.

We even took care of Morah Robin!


On Monday we continued to introduce letters from the English alphabet. The students enjoyed using different art materials for decorating the letters.

During our free play, we had so much fun playing with tracks and trains!

On Monday afternoon we had a fun Art class.

We used q-tips for painting. It was good fine motor skill practice!

Part of our curriculum this week was learning about emotions. It was so much fun to look in the mirrors and make sad, happy, and angry faces.

We also had guests, our fifth grade reading buddies, come to our class to read stories and play.

On Wednesday we had an amazing Drama class with Morah Marion!

We all enjoyed learning parasha from Morah Marion, including what kinds of laws the Jewish people have for Shabbat.

2 Year Old Gallery for 2.7.19

We loved davening at Shabbat party!

We made beautiful blue projects using all different materials.

We read a book called Blue, which showed us all different shades of the color blue.

We dug in the sand table to see what treasures we could find!

We made blue rice to add to our sensory table!

We enjoyed looking at books and “reading” to our dolls and stuffed animals!

We explored the world around us using our blue binoculars!

With the blue cellophane over the ends of our binoculars, everything looked blue!

Signs of spring?

We painted with marbles! We dipped marbles into blue paint, and then rolled them around on a piece of white paper inside boxes.

We also did a marble painting all together!

We went on a neighborhood walk and saw a fire truck! We loved waving to the firefighters.


We had such a great time on Wacky Wednesday that we decided to make waffles with the kids again on Friday to make our Friday morning special.

The kids enjoyed putting all the waffle ingredients inside the mixing bowl.

Everyone had a turn to mix.

With everyone’s help, we had a delicious snack!

After snack, we spent some time playing with floor puzzles.

Amalia gets into Shabbat very deeply. She pretends to light candles.

Eyal and Bayla were also getting ready for Shabbat.

On Monday, we started our new topic: The Five Senses. We started with tasting different foods and feeling the differences between them.

Sweet or sour?

That one was sour!!

Before snack, we had very special guests--the 5 graders came to our class for Reading Buddies time!

We enjoyed listening to the stories and meeting new friends!

On Tuesday, we continued exploring the senses. We talked about vision, using our eyes to see different colors and shapes.

We made eye balls using different materials. It was so much fun!

Styrofoam balls and cotton balls made great eyeballs !

On Wednesday we continued exploring our senses. We smell different essential  oils. And spaces like cinnamon, glove, coffee,bay leaves.

We start to prepare for next Wacky Wednesday. Our new theme : hospital . We all going be a doctors .Kids enjoyed make name tag for each doctor and decorate with stickers and markers.

2 Year Old Gallery for 1.31.19

We had so much fun learning about Parshat Yitro! We decorated Mt. Sinai and sang songs about the Torah.

Walking from Egypt

Learning about the 10 Commandments, or rules

We made special red velvet Mt. Sinai cake

On one of the very cold mornings, we had the opportunity to explore ice.

On Friday we celebrated Amalia’s birthday by singing songs, dancing, and eating delicious cupcakes.

We decorated the tablecloth for Shabbat party.

Eating our delicious Mt. Sinai cake with the two Luchot HaBrit, or Tablets, on top.

Having fun wearing costumes

On Monday we enjoyed Art class

Getting ready for Wacky Wednesday by decorating our waffle shop sign…

...and baker hats.

On Tuesday we danced and sang songs with Morah Leah in Music class

During our free time having fun playing hospital

We had so much fun on Wacky Wednesday! We made waffles and pancakes with different toppings, and it was delicious!


We painted a big pancake for Wacky Wednesday!

We hammered wooden pegs into a styrofoam board.

Har Sinai was not very wide!

And it wasn’t very tall!

But it was the chosen mountain!

We davened during Shabbat party!

We explored the ice outside.

We pretended to take a train ride

We made a beautiful red cake!

We checked the eggs for blood spots.

We watched our cake batter turn red!

We painted a brown Har Sinai!

We did a super cool red science experiment! We put red food coloring into a muffin tin. Then, we poured baking soda and vinegar on top. Our class loved watching the miniature red volcanoes!

ECC 2 Photo Gallery 1.24.19

We were so happy to have our first snow in this winter. On Tuesday, we decided to make a winter project using different white materials.

We so happy to have new friend in our class: Elisheva. She enjoyed playing and making projects.



It was very cold and icy so we spent time playing inside.

Ariel having fun playing with magnets.

Amalia and Eyal played mommy and daddy

Bayla also enjoyed playing with a baby doll

Eithan and Ariel having fun building a big train from large LEGOs

Yakira making flowers from magnets

Elisheva was busy painting

On Wednesday we continued to talk about winter. The children enjoyed making snowmen using playdough and more white materials.

Shevi made her own snow person too!

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 1.17.19

Spreading glue on the Mitzvah Tree

Exploring the outdoors on a walk

We love Science with Morah Mimi!

Creating a tree for Tu B’Shevat with branches we found outside

Exploring our treasure boxes

Using winter colors to make creative artwork

Winter is so sparkly!

White handprints look like snowflakes.

Art with Ms. K is a blast!

Morah Anna leading us out of Egypt and crossing the sea

Hashem makes Moshe’s staff split the sea.

Bubble wrap makes interesting paint textures.

Decorating the tree for our bulletin board

Checking the eggs for blood spots

Mixing the cookie batter

Making shapes with cookie cutters

Investigating and playing with our train set

Making bird feeders in honor of the parsha

Crisco is sticky so the birdseed stays on the pinecones.

A fun painting project

Crossing the Yam Suf with Morah Leah in Music

Yay, we made it!

Decorating our shkediah (almond tree) for Tu B’Shevat. Our students loved singing “HaShkediah Porachat” (“The Almond Tree is Blooming”) while decorating it.

ECC 2 Photo Gallery 1.10.19

We loved creating lice out of paint for the plague!

We surprised Morah Robin dressed as frogs!

Painting green for frogs!

And red for dam (blood)!

Morah Marion taught us about the plagues.

Checking out their treasure boxes!

And deciding what to build with the contents!

Decorating the frog with different green materials and stickers

Adding boils to our Mitzri (Egyptian).

Creating choshech (darkness) with all different kinds of black materials

Learning about Havdalah in preparation for our ECC Havdalah event!

Last week was very short, but we were extremely happy to see your kids again after the break!

In Boston it is winter, but we are getting ready for Tu B’Shevat. We are planted sunflowers and hope they will grow well.

We still don’t have any snow outside, but in our science experiment with Morah Mimi we made a snowstorm.

The kids really liked discovering what was inside our little treasure boxes.

Playing with these loose parts was so much fun.

On Thursday, we had Morah Marion with her amazing Drama class

She introduced the kids to the new Parashat haShavua .

The kids were so invested in the story of king Pharaoh and the Ten Makkot.

We did an art project about the Ten Makkot and even tried to take care of “sick animals.”

We have a very special Havdalah project for this Saturday night.

The kids made and decorated Havdalah candles.

This week we continue with the story of the ten plagues.

Marion showing how ancient matzah sandwiches were made.

By the end of the week, we were very happy to see that our sunflowers had started to grow!

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 12.14.18

We finished last week with a fun Drama class listening to the story of King Pharaoh’s dreams

We also make cookies using Chanukah shapes for our party

We all had fun adding the ingredients and mixing the dough

On Monday we did a goodbye-Chanukah party, making projects and singing Chanukah songs

On Tuesday we explore how scissors work with different materials

In our free time we enjoyed playing with playdough

Our our walk we met new friends

On Wednesdays we have Drama class. We enjoyed listening to the story of Yosef.

Playing doctor is one of our favorite games. On Wednesday, our gentle “doctors” were trying to help Amalia to “feel better.”

We finished our day with a special new game called “Monkey Zoo,” which was created by our very own Yakira!

Enjoying the latkes we made for snack!

Painting with neirot (candles for) Chanukah!

Decorating different Chanukah symbols

Checking the eggs for our cookies

Pouring in ingredients

And mixing the batter!

Checking out the insides of a pumpkin

And scooping out the seeds

We loved exploring all different kinds of musical instruments.

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 12.6.18

We made a chanukiyah with our bodies in the gym!

Making the flames for our chanukiyah

Making dreidel aprons

Using Chanukah stamps to make lovely pictures


Making swords and shields

Painting dreidels to use in our show

We use real canvas art

Making paper swords for our Chanukah party


We had stars of David, chanukiyot, and kad katan stamps

Using the projector to explore Chanukah symbols


Coloring on the images gave us a chance to interact with them in a fresh new way.

Even though we have been very busy getting ready for Chanukah, we still have time to play


Eyal was “feeling sick” so our “doctors” helped him out


Our “doctors” were very patient and gentle!


We just love being helpful.

We enjoyed playing with playdough

On Wednesday we enjoyed Science with Morah Mimi and discovered the concept of absorbency while observing what can happen if you put cotton balls into water.

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 11.28.18

We loved setting up candles in our chanukiyah.

We created a Chanukiah out of all different types of materials.

We strung beads for our Thanksgiving project.

We decorated dreidels!

Shabbat party fun!

A very exciting science experiment with Morah Tzipi!

We made footprints with elephants, like the ones from the Chanukah story.

Morah Tzipi told us about the parsha!

Decorating a beautiful chanukiyah

Pretending to light candles.

Using blocks to make chanukiyot.

Painting shields like the Maccabim.

We colored on top of our light table!

The students listened to Morah Anna tell the Chanukah story.

Fun in art class!

Decorating candles for a big Menorah

Practicing for our Chanukah party!

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 11.15.18

Our students loved playing in the leaves on our neighborhood walk.

Especially jumping in them!

They even got to lay down in some and watch the clouds go by.

Morah Tzipi found a caterpillar for us to meet. We named him Apples!

We decorated our kad with shiny materials.

Decorating “candles” for our chanukiyah!

Morah Elana read us a special Shabbat story.

We loved exploring the chanukiyah in our classroom.

We placed the “candles” in the holders!

Painting using dreidels was so exciting!

Watering our plants and watching them grow!

On Thursday, we enjoyed Drama class. Everyone really paid attention!

Morah Marion used Yaakov and Eisav puppets to illustrate the parasha story.

We saw real lentils, touched them, and listened to the story of Yaakov and Eisav.

We even made our own lentil soup! Everyone was cutting vegetables and putting them in the big pot.

Thursday afternoon, Morah Tzipi brought to class a special guest--a woolly bear caterpillar!

We finished our week with a beautiful Shabbat Party, eating the lentil soup we made and singing Shabbat songs.

We walk around the school every day collecting leaves, so we decided make one last fall project using beautiful natural materials.

We are very excited to start decorating our class for Chanukah!

Decorating dreidels was so much fun.

Spin the dreidel and create art!

Spin or dip the dreidel in the paint? It’s not easy to decide!

On Wednesday was very cold and we discover the water transfer to ice.

Story time

On Wednesday Morah Anna introduced to the kids Chanukah story and the kids made beautiful Chanukiah

In our walk around the school we saw special guests: it was real turkey

Shh! The turkey coming to visit

Yakov dream, this what we choose from Parashat hashavua Vayaitzai


ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 11.8.18

Rabbi Jaffe taught us all about mezuzot and how to hang them.

Morah Tzipi has the best challah recipe! We loved baking with her.

Watching the yeast bubble was so exciting.

We all got turns pouring flour in.

Obstacle courses were a blast!

We made Esav puppets covered in red hair!

Morah Tzipi taught us about Yaakov and how he liked to learn and daven.

ECC 2 Year Old Photos 11.1.18

We created tents using popsicle sticks.

And all sorts of different colored fabrics!

We played doctor and gave Morah Tzipi a check up!

We davened at our Shabbat party.

We made challah with the 9th grade!

We made beautiful necklaces, like in the parsha.

We also traced camels.

We explored train tracks.

We also enjoyed a neighborhood walk!

We added jewelry to our caravan of camels…

And walked them to a well to give them water!

ECC 2 Year Olds October 25, 2018

We loved decorating this box to use as our tent, just like Avraham Avinu’s.

Morah Tzipi added four openings to our new tent.

We acted out parts of Parashat Lech Lecha with Morah Leah!

Getting creative!

We love projects with paint and leaves!

Spending time in our tent, just like the one Avraham Avinu had.

We love getting our sponges ready to clean up!

Dress up is so much fun!

“Lighting” candles at Shabbat party

Enjoying the outdoors!

A lovely neighborhood walk!

Making all kinds of footprints for Parashat Lech Lecha

And then washing off our animals!

Our budding artists

Exploring different textures

Enjoying a lesson on the parsha

ECC 2 Year Old Gallary 10.18.18

Giant cardboard boxes are fuel for imagination!

We had so much fun making rainbows with watercolors!

We sang about apples with Morah Leah in Music class.

Morah Anna taught us all about Parashat Noach!

We were riveted!

We loved making rainbows with paint and dot art!

We collected leaves for one of our projects for Curriculum Experience Night!

We loved going on a long walk together and experiencing nature!

We have continued to enjoy exploring our class teiva, even after Parashat Noach passed!

We explored a (plastic) bumblebee with magnifying glasses!

We loved decorating a mailbox for Curriculum Experience Night!

We continued our learning about rainbows by creating our own with tissue paper!

Preparing our special leaf project for Curriculum Experience Night

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 10.11.18

Fruit printing in art

Spending time in our class teiva

Discovering apple seeds

Creating a sun

Shiny things become the stars and moon


Making the land and trees from the Third Day of Creation

Checking out the bumblebees we caught

Fun and dancing with Morah Leah in Music class

Learning about how Hashem created water…


And Earth!

Learning how Hashem created people

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