Maimonides School

ECC 2 Year Old Gallary 10.18.18

Giant cardboard boxes are fuel for imagination!

We had so much fun making rainbows with watercolors!

We sang about apples with Morah Leah in Music class.

Morah Anna taught us all about Parashat Noach!

We were riveted!

We loved making rainbows with paint and dot art!

We collected leaves for one of our projects for Curriculum Experience Night!

We loved going on a long walk together and experiencing nature!

We have continued to enjoy exploring our class teiva, even after Parashat Noach passed!

We explored a (plastic) bumblebee with magnifying glasses!

We loved decorating a mailbox for Curriculum Experience Night!

We continued our learning about rainbows by creating our own with tissue paper!

Preparing our special leaf project for Curriculum Experience Night

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 10.11.18

Fruit printing in art

Spending time in our class teiva

Discovering apple seeds

Creating a sun

Shiny things become the stars and moon


Making the land and trees from the Third Day of Creation

Checking out the bumblebees we caught

Fun and dancing with Morah Leah in Music class

Learning about how Hashem created water…


And Earth!

Learning how Hashem created people

ECC 2 Year Old Photos 10.4.18

Learning Torah on our light table
 Playing ball outside!
Painting with lulavim 

Picking schach for our class sukkah
Making sukkah decorations to bring home
Decorating our class sukkah
Fun in the sun!

Building sukkot with pegs
Snack time and stories with Morah Robin
Waving his Simchat Torah flag!

Using magnifying glasses and tracing paper to explore a Sefer Torah and Torah letters

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